Netrhino is the first firewall powered by Mauritian Expertise and open-source.


Meet the Founder

Ajay Ramjatan

Senior IT Engineer


Our in-house Firewall


Netrhino is the first locally branded Firewall Solution driven by Mauritian Expertise and Open Source.

  • Easy to use

    Driven by a user-friendly web interface which makes configuring the system easy without the need for an advanced networking know-how.

    In-line documentation within the interface provides insight on the various configuration options without having to resort to external documentation

    Web driven dashboard with graphical visualisation of metrics such as CPU usage, live network traffic, user activity and others.

  • Rich feature-set

    Stateful packet inspection firewall, going beyond traditional packet filtering for very fine-grained identification, inspection, shaping and routing of network traffic.

    Firewall scheduler for time-based activation and deactivation of firewall policy sets for day-to-day flexibility.

    HTTP/HTTPS filtering of traffic with blacklists and anti-virus.

    Multi-WAN load balancing, policy based routing and failover.

    Open Source driven Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine.

    Compatibility with proprietary third-party add-ons

  • Reliable and dependable

    Netrhino has its foundation built on Open-Source, trusted by many organisations worldwide.

    Backed around the clock by local experts with profound understanding of the whole system.

    24/7 Service Level Agreement for peace of mind 

    High quality hardware appliances

  • Return on investment

    Open source model allows for the development of custom add-ons or customer-specific requirements No per-seat license model Lower long-term TCO than proprietary solutions No “vendor lock-in” due to Open Source nature SLA models sized to fit different business budgets.

    Open source model allows for the development of custom add-ons or customer-specific requirements.

    No per-seat license model.

    Lower long term TCO than proprietary solutions.

    No "vendor lock-in" due to Open Source nature.

    SLA models sized to fit different business budgets.



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