LCI is a leading IT Solutions & Services Partner with a customer centric approach, present in both consumer and business markets in the Indian Ocean Region, and offering an extensive array of solutions, products and accessories and a high level of services.

LCI is focused on delivering value resulting in a continuous and growing business partnership with our clients. LCI team consist of certified IT Professionals with proven track record in delivering some of the largest IT projects in Mauritius and the region.

Professional Services

·  IT Roadmap, Consulting and Design

·  Transition, implementation and deployment

·  System review and life cycle management

·  Competency centre

·  Project Management

·  Support - SLA and preventive

·  Outsourcing services

·  Managed services

·  IT outsourcing

·  Disaster recovery and Business continuity management

·  Security/Prevention Solution (Data Loss Protection, Encryption)



-Network Management and Infrastructure
-IT Infrastructure - Servers and Storage
-System Integration
-Virtualization and High Availability Systems
-Network Management
-Data Protection
-System Software
-Software Applications
-Mobile Applications
-Communication and Collaboration Systems

Networking Expertise

·          Switching

·          Routing

·          Security/Firewalling

·          IP Telephony

·          Load Balancing

·          Video Conferencing

·          IP camera

·          Wireless Technology

Service Center

Our team of technicians are fully qualified and dedicated to provide high level services in the region. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the business systems field allows us to quickly resolve technical issues.

We also provide on-site interventions. By proactively managing your backups, data-recovery, anti-virus, security updates and a host of other issues, you can protect your business from costly downtime.Let us handle these issues for you, we'll provide you with our best services.

  • Products Warranty
  • On-site services and survey
  • Maintenance contract
  • 24x7hrs Service Level Agreement
  • Counseling & Support
  • Quality prevention services
  • Repairs
  • Installation & Commissioning
Customer References

-Blades and Storage - Mauritius Telecom c/o Acision Ltd, DCDM- ITSEC, GOC - National Computer Board
-Blades- Mauritius Commercial Bank, UBP, MPF
-Dls / MLs / P63350 Storage - MNIC
-Dls and P2000 Storage- Constance Belle Mare,Constance Prince Maurice,Constance Ephelia/ Lemuria.
-ML350 Servers - MLG