Leal Communications & Informatics Ltd -LCI Ltd (Founded in 1977)

Member of the LEAL Group, LCI is a leading company in the ICT sector since 37 years.
LCI operates in the Indian Ocean Island. LCI partners with worldwide technology providers namely Microsoft, HP, Apple, Samsung, ViewSonic, Symantec…
Its offers all-inclusive innovative technologies and cost-effective solutions while guaranteeing professional services to organizations and consumers, delivering solutions. LCI is ISO Certified 9001:2008 (AFNOR).

VISION: Become the preferred regional IT Solutions & Services Provider 
Our Philosophy : Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Services

In view of its retail activity development, LCI opened many outlets in Mauritius, Reunion Island and Rodrigues.

Leal BrandStore Technology:
Leal BrandStore Technology is a concept store of LealGroup. It promotes innovation and state of the art products and offers a wide variety of branded Notebooks, Tablets, iPads, projectors, printers, Smartphones and a great choice of accessories. Leal BrandStore Technology provides free initiation demo, customized training, and customer support.

iShop by Leal:

iShop by Leal is an Apple Retail Shop of LealGroup and is present in Mauritius and in Reunion.

At iShop by Leal you will find the latest generation of Mac, iPad & iPod, sleeves/casings and many more accessories.

The after-sales service is guaranteed by LCI being certified as an Apple Authorized Service Provider.








Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5
Android Kitkat - 16GB
Promo: Rs 27,990 vat incl
was Rs 29,990 vat icl 
Dell N3542 Ci3
Dell N3542 Ci3

Rs 23,900 vat incl 
(available with i5) 

Projector PJD5134 - W. Cup Promo
Projector PJD5134 - W. Cup Promo
DLP - 3000 lum - HDMI
Rs 15,590 vat incl
+ GIFT : wall mount screen 2mx2m